Our Teachers

Gelena Liberzon
Founder and General Manager

Hello and welcome to Step By Step Children’s Academy.

I am Gelena Liberzon, the Founder and General Manager of the daycare.

My career as a teacher started early. Being a daughter of a speech therapist, I frequented various kindergartens and daycares in town and had plenty of opportunity to observe children there as characters with unique personalities, feelings, opinions, and behavior.

Since young age, I knew that my life will be dedicated to children. At 12, I once watched a teacher explain a lesson to a group of children. Her love and patience made a profound and lasting impression on my life – at that moment I knew I wanted to learn to be like her. At 17, I enrolled into an evening ECE (Early Childhood Education) program and landed my first job as an ECE teacher.

Not all teachers are created equal. There are those who come to work with genuine passion, interest, pleasure and pride for what they do and, as in any occupation, there are a few working for a paycheck. Encounters with both types helped me see the impact of the difference on children in their care. Step By Step Academy gave me an opportunity to carefully select each teacher on our staff and build a cohesive and friendly team of like-minded and passionate professionals that makes me proud.

Today, after 30 years in the field, I am excited about my life’s calling more than ever and am happy doing the work that I love. The reason is simple – nothing can compare with the pleasure of seeing comfort, joy and genuine interest in the eyes of each little person coming to our daycare.

I look forward to seeing you and your children.