Our Building

Our daycare is located in a new world class building with all mondern commodities and infrastructure.

As soon as you park in front of our daycare you start to appreciate the level of the building quality and the modern infrastructure within the building. The building is regularly maintained at the world class level and thus will be the safest place for your children.

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The Preschoolers’ Room

Lots of sunlight and colourful place for all preschool activities that will motivate your child to progress

Our preschool room is the largest of all and includes a place for playing with toys, a place for learning, a place for artistic activities and meals area. You will be happy to know that the room has two very large windows and that allows a lot of sunlight directly into the room.

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The Intermediates’ Room

You will have the peace of mind knowing that your child will spend his time in this room

As soon as you enter this room you will get immersed in plenty of sunlight, large space for all playful activities and a feeling of safety. This is exactly what you would want for your child.

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The Toddlers’ Room

The room was adapted to meet all the requirements for the youngest of our children.

It’s probably the most difficult thing for parents to decide where to leave their toddler. Our vast experience allowed us to build an environment that is the most safest, comfortable and engaging for all kids of that early age.

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Our Private Gym

Our gym is one of the most beloved rooms in our daycare.

We are proud to say that no daycare in GTA have a gym like ours. Our gym is a real world class sports’ facility. Our children are happy to come and spend their time here especially when the weather is bad. The space is sufficiently large that each children’s group is safely playing without interfering with each other.

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Our Playground

Another beloved place to be among all our children is our playground.

An absolute favorite among our children is the outside private playground. We paid a lot of attention to the safety and playfulness of the place. The very large space allows all groups to spend their time outside without interfering. We use our playground on a daily basis and weather permitting.

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