Our Teachers

Yanhui (Linda) Li
Toddlers TA

My name is Yanhui (Linda) Li and I work as a Teacher for Intermediates.

I speak both English and Mandarin, have over six years of teaching experience and an in-depth knowledge of the school education curriculum. I love children and enjoy working with them. My work at the Step By Step Academy is an excellent foundation for continuing with the ECE (Early Childhood Education) training and further honing my child care provider skills.

Children need to be surrounded with love and care in a comfortable and safe environment that would enable and facilitate their exploration of the world and continuous quest for knowledge. This requires that teachers be energetic, patient and responsive, as well as sensitive to the needs of students of various characters and cultural backgrounds.

Children deserve to be treated equally. As each child is unique, the teacher needs to find a way to each based on his or her personality and aptitudes. At Step By Step, we will provide a program to help kids feel good about themselves as their bodies and minds develop and grow.

My goal is to fulfill the needs of every child and provide opportunities for them to expand their skills to meet the challenges of the world around us.

I am looking forward to meeting you!