Our Teachers

Maria Benkhan
Floating Teacher

My name is Maria and I am a Teacher Assistant at the daycare.

As a child, I aspired to become a teacher for children and youths and have been working toward achieving the dream ever since. After getting my University diploma, I worked as a teacher, family worker, and caregiver for over 20 years.

Being a children’s educator requires a lot of love and care, patience, consistency and hard work, but it also gives a tremendous return on the effort. Teacher gets to observe how the little ones in their care grow and become self-aware, intelligent, self-sufficient and talented individuals who regard them as a friend and a guide.

During the early years, young minds and souls resemble a clean sheet of paper that fills as the child grows and becomes familiar with the world around. It is the teacher’s job and privilege to add some of the most important lines to the page and leave a positive and long lasting impression on the child’s future.

Proper food habits are essential for children’s development; it is our policy and practice to use, if possible, only natural and organic foods such as hot cereals and vegetables. As the person in charge of breakfasts and snacks at the daycare, I use every opportunity to instill good nutrition habits in our children.

I speak English, Russian and Hebrew and volunteer as a teacher at a Saturday Russian school. In addition to the university training, I’ve been studying acting, various crafts such as kitting, crochet, needlepoint, and origami and hope to pass my passion for the activities to the children of Step By Step.

Hope to see you and your kids at our daycare soon!