Summer Meals and Third Week Menu

Summer Menu Week 3

Our summer menus are designed especially for children of all preschool ages and include all food nutrients necessary for a balanced development of their bodies. Also, the menu reflects the abundance of seasonal fruit and veggies. Explore below the daily menus in detail.


Weekday AM
Entrée Lunch
Monday Whole grain toast and yogurt Peachy chicken drumstick, brown rice, mixed vegetables (corn, carrots, beans, peas), fresh fruit Oatmeal porridge, raisins & milk Fresh fruit
Tuesday Cheerios with raisins, milk Organic spaghetti with Bolognese sauce (tomato and beef sauce), green peas, fresh fruit Rice pudding butter, raisins, milk Fresh fruit
Wednesday Organic cookies, milk, banana Traditional beef lasagna, green beans, fresh fruit Buckwheat porridge, sugar, milk Fresh fruit
Thursday Croissants and cream-cheese, milk Mini beef meatballs & bean soup, dinner roll, baby carrots, fresh fruit Perogies with potato, sour-cream, milk Fresh fruit
Friday Cereal with milk, fruit Fish burger, whole wheat bun, tartar sauce, italian mixed vegetables( zucchini, peppers, cauliflower, beans, carrots), fresh fruit Yogurt with croissants, fruit Fresh fruit

Healthy Choices of Spring/Summer Menu 2015 – Week 2

Menu approved by a Registered Dietitian.

Fresh Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables may vary and include: apple, banana, grapes, pears, strawberries, melons (water, cantaloupe, & musk), plums, nectarines, mango and vegetables may vary due to seasonal availability.

Beverages: We serve homo 3.25% milk, selection of juices, and spring water.

All Lunches are Trans fat-free (except for naturally occurring Trans fats).