Reason 2: Premium Facilities

Premium Facilities

Undoubtedly, our facilities are among the best in the entire GTA and we are inviting you to explore for your self how spacious, comfortable and secure all rooms are.

You will notice that our daycare is located in a new world class building with all modern commodities and infrastructure.
All rooms have lots of sunlight and are colorful. They are all equipped with all necessary tools that will motivate your child to progress through all playing and learning activities.

As a parent, you will have the peace of mind knowing that your child will spend his time in this room. Everything was thoughtfully developed to meet all the requirements, including those of the youngest of our children.

Let’s not forget that our gym is one of kind in the entire GTA and is available daily for all our groups. This is extremely valuable during the bad weather. And lastly, the all time beloved place to be among all our children is our playground developed to meet the safety and education standards.