Reason 4: Healthy Meals

Healthy Meals

Another strong reason to choose us is the healthy meals that we prepare for the children.

Naturally, our first priority is the health of the children in our care. We pay particular attention to the selection and preparation of the meals we serve.

Step by Step Children’s Academy serves three main meals a day with a light snack in between. The menu follows a four-week rotation cycle which ensures sufficient supply of the main food groups and is consistent with recommendations of the Canadian Food Guide.

We accommodate any religious or medical requirements and restrictions. Parents are encouraged to inform us of their child’s specific nutrition needs.

Our breakfast and dinner are cooked on premises. Our staff cook is experienced in children’s nutrition and dietary requirements and is biased toward non-processed foods.

Lunches are catered by Food for Tots, a company well known and respected in the industry for its quality and preference for organic and natural food.