About us

Our Philosophy

We strongly believe that human growth and development are deeply affected by their early childhood experience. The more positive it is, the better future children will have!

We desire to have your child blossom in a loving and caring environment. Children are individuals with different personalities and we will provide an equal opportunity to every child to be unique in an atmosphere of respect and acceptance.

In our learning environment, we will promote self-awareness and perceptual motor skills through planned, child-directed social, emotional, physical and creative activities.

It is important to understand that cooperation with the parents is vital for us to better understand your children’s needs and serve those needs to the best of our ability.


Our Programs
We provide programs that stimulate the development of young minds and bodies. We have a strong focus on introducing good values and helping children feel good about themselves.

Our qualified staff will:

  • Help children to obtain more confidence in themselves-Encourage self-expression and creativity
  • Provide a sense of security and self confidence. Encourage problem solving, thinking and reasoning
  • Help develop co-ordination and self control
  • Model positive behavior and encourage responsibility
  • Encourage social interactions, develop trust and co-operation within a group
  • Familiarize a child with routine
  • Stimulate interest in learning

In these ways we hope to fulfill the needs of your child and provide opportunities for the development of skills necessary to meet the challenges of the modern world.